Sacred Heart Church Newhaven

  with Rodmell and Denton

Dear Friends,

Welcome to our Roman Catholic Church of The Sacred Heart in Newhaven, the Parish of Newhaven with Rodmell and Denton.

My dear Sisters and Brothers in Christ,

I can't believe that it is just over a year and a month that has gone by since I started with you in the two Parishes of Newhaven and Peacehaven after my fourteen month sabbatical.

As I reflect over the year, we had the arrival of our new Bishop,  Richard.  He has made us all feel at home with him.  With all new Bishops, there is a new sense of style and leadership.  May we all continue to grow under his guidance.

I was very conscious of Pope Francis leading us through the Second part of the "Synod on the Family" last October.  I really feel that he is encouraging the whole Church to be open more to the Holy Spirit, in whatever language and culture all of us experience the Love of God.

There are three words that come to mind with the Synod.  The first word is VOCATION, where we can experience the call to be a son or daughter of the Father and the call to service Him in human form among ourselves and all  creation.  There are two sides of the one Vocation; we cannot have one without the other.  The second word is MERCY, where we all show the compassion of the Father in all situations.  The third word is FAMILY, where the basic structure in which the individual can grow in Mind, Body and Spirit, as perfectly shown in the life of the Holy Family, Jesus, Mary and Joseph.

As we now become once again aware of the life of the Holy Family at this time of Advent and Christmas, may we model our lives as they would wish us to do.

May I wish us all, too, to experience in the life of the Holy Family during this wonderful and joyful season in the Lor5d and His universal family.

Let us pray for each now and in the coming New Year with Faith, Hope and Love.

Your Brother in Christ,
Father Ian Byrnes, Parish priest of Newhaven and Peacehaven
Teas & Coffees are available after Mass every 2nd Sunday – come and join us!

Registration Forms are available in the entrance lobby of the church. Please take one and fill it in;  please introduce yourself to Fr. Ian.

can be found in the porch of the Church – please use these envelopes only for requests for Masses and ensure all details are clearly written and contact details added before giving them to Fr. Ian.  Gift Aid envelopes can be used inside Mass Request envelopes.

If you pay tax join Gift Aid, as all your donations and Mass offerings will be worth 25p in the pound more to the Parish.  There is just one form to complete and no enquiry is made of your finances.  For every £10 in tax paid donations, the taxman will add another £2.50 under Gift Aid.  Gift Aid envelopes can be used inside Mass Intention envelopes and donations can be increased by 25%.  For further details, please speak to Halden or any committee member.

Please return these to church as soon as possible for emptying (annual collection). Thank you for the generous response to the Missio Appeal. We now have a much increased number of boxes. Would new box holders please ensure their box is labelled with their name and address so they can be returned. Thank you

I am sure you will all have appreciated the beautiful condition of the Church.  The Cleaning team urgently needs volunteers as they are now too few on the ground. If you are able to assist, please give your name to Father or to Tina or Val. Sufficient volunteers would mean about 4 to 6 weeks between duties.   

a new prayer board has been added to the porch.  All are welcome to add a prayer to this and it will be presented to the altar.  (Please remember to remove prayers once they have been answered to keep it fresh). 

You may remember Fr David Cullen came to talk to us last year about his work in Zambia.  There is a box just inside the door of the porch for used spectacles that can be sent directly to him.  Please see Ann-Marie if you would like an update on his work.  Many thanks.

A collection for the local food bank in Newhaven. Please donate any non perishable items in the box in the porch (on a table opposite prayer/hymn book cabinet).

The Breakout Centre is seeking volunteers to work in their Charity Shop in Newhaven Square. Please see details on poster in the outer porch. They will be delighted to see you. This is a vital project to generate some income for the financial support of the work of the Centre – a Newhaven Churches Together project.

Please feel free to come along to any of our masses and, when you are ready, please contact Fr. Ian. We regularly run information courses about Catholicism which do not commit you but instead give you the opportunity to find out more abou

There are translations of the mass text available at the back of the Church for non-English speakers (in Polish). Please email us if you would like one be available in your language.
(Polish) Tłumaczenia polsko-angielskie mszy świętej są dostępne w przedsionku kościoła.

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