Sacred Heart Church of Newhaven - with Rodmell and Denton
wood carving of Sacred Heart (Jesus Christ)Dear Friends
Welcome to our Roman Catholic Church of The Sacred Heart in Newhaven, the Parish of Newhaven with Rodmell and Denton.
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The Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary
Friday 15th August – Mass will be at 7.00pm in Newhaven
Father Kevin’s last Sunday will be 28th September. Father Ian will not be ready to move in now until the last weekend in October. Father David Russell will cover for him from 4th October and he will be staying in Newhaven. He will need lifts to masses in Peacehaven. Father Ian has decided he will be living in Newhaven when he arrives and will continue to serve the two parishes.
Cards, calendars and gifts are now on sale at the back of the church at very reasonable prices. All prices are very reasonable and any small profit goes to the Parish funds. Just choose what you like and put the moneys in the Repository box/slot on the left side at the wall on the back of the Church.
A collection for the local food bank in Newhaven. Please donate any non perishable items in the box in the porch (on a table opposite prayer/hymn book cabinet).
Please return these to church as soon as possible for emptying (annual collection). Thank you for the generous response to the Missio Appeal. We now have a much increased number of boxes. Would new box holders please ensure their box is labelled with their name and address so they can be returned. Thank you
I am sure you will all have appreciated the beautiful condition of the Church at Easter. The Cleaning team urgently needs volunteers as they are now too few on the ground. If you are able to assist, please give your name to Father or to Tina or Val. Sufficient volunteers would mean about 4 to 6 weeks between duties.   
a new prayer board has been added to the porch.  All are welcome to add a prayer to this and it will be presented to the altar.  (Please remember to remove prayers once they have been answered to keep it fresh). 
Please feel free to come along to any of our masses and, when you are ready, please contact Fr. Kevin. We regularly run information courses about Catholicism which do not commit you but instead give you the opportunity to find out more about us.
Father Kevin's talk publication of a simple version of the Catechism. The cost is £5 covering the cost of printing and a small profit for the Parish. 
Please join the scheme - click here for more information. 
Without your continued financial support we would be unable to continue here in Newhaven. If you are a TAXPAYER why not consider being part of GIFT AID and make your donations worth 25% more. There is just one form to complete and no further enquiry is made of your finances. Make your gifts even more worthwhile; see Halden or any member of the committee.
There are translations of the mass text available at the back of the Church for non-English speakers (in Polish). Please e-mail me if you would like one be available in your language.
Tłumaczenia polsko-angielskie mszy świętej są dostępne w przedsionku kościoła.
Annecy in Seaford and it deserves our full support which includes sending our children there. Many generations of Catholics have made sure that this facility still exists.  The Head Teacher, Miss Fiona McGonigle, is can be contacted on (01323) 894 892. 
Last update: 03 August 2014
The Sacred Heart Church of Newhaven
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