Sacred Heart Church Newhaven

  with Denton

Mass Intentions

Mass Intention envelopes:
can be found in the porch of the Church – please use the envelopes only for requests for Masses and ensure all details are clearly written and contact details added before giving them to Fr. Ian.  Gift Aid envelopes can be used inside Mass Intention envelopes.
Liturgical Ordo
Saturday       25  February   2017          5.00 pm
The Walsh Family  RIP
Eighth Sunday in Ordinary Time
Sunday         26  February   2017          9.00 am
For the Parishes and their Communities
Eighth Sunday in Ordinary Time
Wednesday   01  March       2017        10.00 am
Fredrick Keeley  RIP
Ash Wednesday
Saturday        04  March       2017        5.00 pm 
Fr. Bernard Lauer  intentions
First Sunday of Lent
Sunday          05  March      2017          9.00 am
Nan Teliszewski  RIP
First Sunday of Lent